We love to do steel piping but as an alternative, are also a Pacific West Distributor for AIRnet Quality Piping Solutions. AIRnet significantly reduces your operating costs by providing more air flow with less pressure drop thanks to its smooth inner aluminium surface. AIRnet’s corrosion-free pipes and fittings minimize the risk of leakage and maintain the pressure drop constant over time, reducing energy waste. An integrated o-ring ensures an airtight fit. And on energy savings, a pressure drop reduction of 1 bar results in 7% energy savings of your total compressor installed power.

AIRnet can be installed easily and quickly. An AIRnet system can be built in one-third the time of a conventional one, no specialized tools needed. Network maintenance is equally fast and all components are easily adjustable and reusable. AIRnet evolves right along with your production setting and AIRnet is compatible with any existing piping and equipment. To minimize system downtime, your installation can be pressurized immediately upon completion. It's BUILT TO LAST and the AIRnet piping system is resistant to corrosion, mechanical shocks, fire, thermal variations and outdoor weather conditions. Thanks to consistent clean quality air, the AIRnet range ensures longer longevity of your equipment and increases the liftetime of the filtration elements. Consistent with the high quality design & performance of AIRnet system components, they have an attractive 10 year guarantee on all AIRnet fittings and aluminium piping against any damages or material defects.

AIRnet consists of aluminum and polymers. These highly durable materials make it an effective, suitable solution for most compressed air, vacuum or Nitrogen gas applications.

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